The Sand Therapy Center SAND ART opened May 18 at the state educational establishment "Grodno Regional Institute of Education Development" (Grodno, st. Gagarina, 6).
The center services:
1. Counseling children and adults.
2. "Sweep" workshops on painting with sand for adults.
3. "The Magic grain of sand" - drawing with sand for children.
Groups: Preschool age 4-6 years; primary school age 6-7 10-11 years.
4. Children and parent sand drawing on the light table master classes.
5. Resources sand therapy seminars, trainings for psychologists.
Sand Art Resources seminars, trainings for teachers, psychologists, teachers of secondary, special and additional education, kindergarten teachers, speech pathologists.
Sand therapy methods a unique method, the ability to speak without words. The ideal method is to work with children, as the sand gives the child the opportunity to open up and using toys to tell an adult about their world. The children think and feel metaphorically, their world, and the words are not equal. Sandbox allows you to understand and discover the "world of the child" and help him in his world in his own language.
Unique idea: sand drawing as the basis for art therapeutic method. The connection of art, psychology and pedagogy helps to realize a wide range of pedagogical and psychological problems.
Art contact with the sand and the creation of paintings with their hands can not remain indifferent.
Psychology - the ability to pour out their emotions, experience repeatedly successful situation, to learn self-control, relaxation.
Pedagogy the use of the method as a "platform" for learning.
Is it necessary to be an artist to master all this ?!
We must want creativity in our work.

The Sand Therapy Center SAND ART is recruiting children for the following programs:
The tutorial "Drawing with sand, and not only."
Objective: To study skills drawing on the light table.

- Training techniques for working with sand on a light table;
- Development of aesthetic taste of the child;
- Work with a background figure;
- Work with the picture the transformation of images.
Group of 8-9 people. 16 hours. Cost: 20 BYN per month. (For preschool and primary school age)
Developmental program "All emotions are important. All emotions are needed! "
Objective: harmonization and development of a child's emotional intelligence by working with sand.

- Introduction, differentiation, different emotions management;
- Kinetic sand in various emotional states;
- Work with drawings of emotions on light tables;
- "The world in the palm" Jungian sandbox to work with different emotional experiences.
Group of 6-8 people. 16 hours. Cost: 20 BYN per month. (For preschool and primary school age)
Tutorial "I am a schoolboy!"
Objective: To generate the readiness of the child to school at different levels: emotional, intellectual, motivational.

- Acquaintance with the world of letters (in sand alphabet);
- The formation of a positive attitude to learning;
- Harmonization of emotions.
Group of 6-8 people. 32 hours. Price: 40 BYN per month. (2 times per week)

* All prices are in Belarusian rubles (BYN) as of 01.09.2016
* To record and additional information please contact tel .: 8-029-580-83-48 - Natalia Cheslavovna Kostiuk.

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